1. Nice choice in pics lolilover, she would be so much fun. Probably going to make me pop

  2. Thanks Dave, it’s Cherish, her galleries are more than welcome when I need to pull down the zipper and relax a bit.

  3. Mmmm yes. Dave you are so right! I have cum many times to her….hate to see her get older. wish she was younger even.

  4. Was a member of AMS once, blonde Lolly and Models Forever. Now I prefer early Cherish sets, it’s my favorite, but early Lolly is still lolicous.

  5. Links to artmodeling studios seems to be down. I wonder if Cherish has an update in a few days.

  6. It looks like all these sites are down now. Even the newstar and tinymodel sites are down, but I guess they were never part of this forum in the first place. I just like to see them all up.

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